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A world without bees

A future scenario imagining a world without bees and how design can provide solutions to new problems. An exhibition that should rise awareness to the problem of disappearing bees

Beebot is a tiny game targeted for a children audience. It was part of the KISD students exhibition titled: A World Without Bees.

Originally was deployed for touch devices. We are showing the non-touch version. We believe that part of the mechanic is lost without the haptic device.

How to play:

Click (press) near the beebot so it can avoid falling. You have to collect the pollen of the male flowers and deposit it into the female ones before the battery of the beebot is depleted!

  • Beebot (The Game)

- Antonia Fedlmeier.

- Rodrigo Núñez.

  • Beebot: A world without bees (Exhibition)

- Antonia Fedlmeier.

- Kathrin Polo.

- Clara Henze.

  • Exhibition Photos

- Raoul Döring

Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button

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