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Mr. Yada Yada

A single-player puzzle game about having good ideas leave a man's brain and see the light. Distractions, in the shape of hammers, try to destroy these ideas before they leave his brain. The player's mission is to avoid the hammers and get the ideas out.

This was our Global Game Jam 2015 game. We wanted to do a crazy like Japanese looking gaming. You play inside a cubic head and you have to move your ideas (light-bulbs) into a part of your brain... but, beware, there are hammers that move randomly that will try to destroy your ideas!

Is a prototype.

How to play

Move the light-bulb to the end point. Be careful because random appearing hammers can break you!

You move by clinking the light-bulb, it will show you move range, and you click in the correspondent hexagon. One movement per turn. It is possible to pass one turn clicking in the pass button.


We are putting a slightly better version here that the one of the GGJ15. Is equally buggy,


Hassan ElKady

Mohamed Fawzy

Youngju Kim

Lutz Kleinau

Rodrigo Núñez

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