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At the Mountains of Madness adaptation

A H. P. Lovecraft inspired game. "At the Mountain of Madness" horror.

Necropolis is an adaptation project from the book "At the Mountain of Madness" by Lovecraft. We tried to immerse the player into the oppressive atmosphere of the Lovecraftian universe: a sensation of apprehension and hopelessness.

Is a puzzle game, like Ico. In this prototype we designes one level with several mini puzzles.

How to play:

Move with the arrows, jump with space, climb the ladders when near. The action button is "x". When you are near a moving cube/ pilar, press the action button and move the cube.

  • Necropolis

- Rodrigo Núñez.

- Fabian Pohl

- Lutz Kleinau

Install instructions

Windows only!

Download and Unrar the file. Click the .exe.

Play windowed!


NecroWin.rar 32 MB

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